Kind Words from Bear Your Soul at Easton Mountain

When we came up with the A Better Bear Project we wanted to engage with our bear friends from around the world. Here are some kind words from our friend Freddy at Bear Your Soul at Easton Mountain.

bbFreddy wrote in to tell us the following… “This is what I have wanted to see in the Bear Community for a long time! Thank you for doing this. For 3 years I have done events called “Bear Your Soul” in an effort to build a more heart centered Bear Community, and I have put out videos and music to uplift our original ideals of inclusivity, and brotherhood! I facilitate workshops at different Bear Runs called “Loving Our Bear Bodies” that builds positive body image and forms real supportive bonds between men.”

Check out The Bear World Music Video.

Bear Bash 2010 056

Become A Better Bear

International Bear Bash is so proud of our latest project – A Better Bear. This is our effort to encourage others to use what is so wonderful about the gay bear community. Simply, we want to encourage others to use the strength of the community to spread a positive attitude to combat all the negative in the world. One of the hallmarks of the A Better Bear project is inclusiveness. We want to include EVERYONE. It is this diversity that makes the community so amazing and wonderful. At International Bear Bash we strive to bring together a broad and diverse group of men to foster, create, and build an inclusive community free of drama and judgement. Will you help us spread the love?

It’s really quite simple. All you do is take the A Better Bear Project card and do something nice for someone. This could be something very simple. Bake them cookies and tape the A Better Bear card on the tin and leave it for someone to brighten their day. Buy someone their favorite candy bar and tape the A Better Bear card on it. Do it just because. No reason. No special occasion. Just to be A Better Bear and make the community a friendlier and more inclusive place.

Once you do it, send us a picture and comment through out contact us pages so that we can share it. We want to use what you did to share ideas with others, as well as, to encourage others to do similar good in their communities. If you took a video, send us a link to your video. Let us hear in your voice, or theirs, how you became A Better Bear.

Will you join us in this project? Will you be A Better Bear?