About the A Better Bear Project

ibbA Better Bear is a project of International Bear Bash and our partners around the world. The A Better Bear project seeks to bring together a broad and diverse group of men to continue to grow and build an inclusive community free of drama and judgement. Will you help us build a better community?


If you have received a card from A Better Bear then you were tagged. This means that you are being challenged to become A Better Bear and contribute to the community in a positive way. Simply put, when you are tagged with an A Better Bear card it means that it is your turn to gay it forward.


The A Better Bear project is encouraging everyone to become A Better Bear by doing random acts of kindness for people. This could be something very basic and simple to brighten someone’s day. Do something kind for someone and become A Better Bear.

      The A Better Bear project works like this.

      1) Do something kind for someone.
      2) Tag them with A Better Bear official card to encourage them to gay it forward.
      3) Share your story with us to give ideas to others and to encourage others.

Let’s say you want to do something good for somebody just because you want to brighten their day. Maybe your idea is to bake someone some cookies. After all, who doesn’t love cookies.

When you leave the cookies for them, or give them the cookies directly, attach the A Better Bear Card to let them know they have been tagged. Tagging them with the A Better Bear card means that you are recognizing them and trying to brighten their day, but it also encourages them to do something kind to brighten the day of someone else. Help spread a more positive message throughout the community and be A Better Bear.

Don’t forget to take a picture or video and send us your story to give ideas to others and to encourage others. if you don’t want to give cookies, come up with your own idea to brighten someone’s day today.